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water bottling machine for 200ml to 2000ml bottled water scaled

Water bottling machine collect rotary rinser filler and capper in one machine. Make sure clean water filling environment. It is the best sell water bottling machine for small bottle like 500ml and 1.5liter bottle.

What This Price Included?

NF 18-18-6 Washing-Filling-Capping (Three-in-One Unit) Machine
/ 1SET
Air compressor
/ 1SET
Automatic Cap elevator and loading system
/ 1SET
Convey System (2M Air conveyor,1psc air blower,2M conveyor,1psc motor)
/ 1SET
Light check/ 1SET
Shape mold for change different bottle< 3SET

Explore the efficiency of NEPTUNE MACHINERY monoblock water bottling machine , an all-in-one solution seamlessly combining rotary rinser, filler, and capper functions. Ideal for swift and precise bottling, it accommodates various bottle sizes, including 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, and 2000ml.

Primarily designed for bottled water and beverages, this key machine in water bottling plants ensures flexibility through mold adjustments for different bottle shapes. The air conveyor with a fan facilitates the entry of empty bottles, while the finished bottled water is propelled by a transmission motor.

3-in-1 water bottling machine is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment designed to streamline the entire bottling process. This machine seamlessly integrates three essential functions – rinsing, filling, and capping – into one compact unit, ensuring a smooth and continuous production line. Key features and benefits include:

  1. Compact Design: The machine is engineered with a compact and space-efficient design, making it suitable for various production environments.
  2. Automation: High automation levels reduce the need for manual intervention, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  3. Versatility: The machine accommodates a range of bottle sizes, from 200ml to 2000ml, through the use of interchangeable molds.
  4. Rinsing Function: The rotary rinser ensures effective cleaning by moving in synchronization with the bottles, completing a full 360-degree rotation for thorough washing.
  5. Filling Capability: The rotary filler operates seamlessly, allowing each filling head to move in tandem with the bottles, ensuring precise and efficient filling of various liquid products.
  6. Capping Process: The rotary capper facilitates smooth and continuous capping, with each capping head moving in sync with the bottles through a 360-degree rotation.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The machine features a user-friendly interface for easy operation and control, minimizing the learning curve for operators.
  8. Adaptability: It is adaptable to different cap types, primarily supporting screw-type caps, and can be customized with specific cap designs upon request.
  9. Production Capacity: The production capacity ranges from 6000 to 7000 bottles per hour for smaller sizes (300ml to 600ml) and adjusts accordingly for larger bottle sizes.
  10. Quality Construction: Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, the machine ensures reliability, stability, and a prolonged operational lifespan.

Ideal for water bottling plants and beverage production, this 3-in-1 bottling machine combines efficiency, adaptability, and automation to meet the demands of a dynamic production environment.

Capacity4000 Bottles/H
Bottle volume200ml to 2000ml
Size2280 X 1780X2300mm

Automatic Cap elevator and loading system

automatic cap washing and loading machine for monoblock water bottling machine 1

🚀 Automated Cap Loading:Say goodbye to manual cap handling. Our equipment automates the cap-loading process, significantly reducing labor and increasing overall efficiency.

🔧 Seamless Conveyor Integration:Enjoy a seamless transition from cap loading to the filling machine. The equipment features an automatic conveyor system that ensures a continuous flow of caps to meet your production demands.

🌐 Screw Cap Types:Designed to accommodate various screw cap types, our equipment is versatile, allowing you to use it with different styles and sizes of water bottle screw caps.

Is the machine fully automatic or semi-automatic?

With high automation, a compact structure, and an appealing design, our Monoblock Filling Machine operates in three rotary parts, ensuring a continuous and efficient production flow. Crafted with precision on the best lathe, its tight structure guarantees reliability and top-notch quality for your bottling needs.

Different type for choice

3-in-1 water bottling machines come in various configurations to meet different production needs. Each model offers a unique production capacity, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their requirements:

8-8-3 Water Bottling Machine 3in1Production:2000 bottles per hour
16-12-6 Water Bottling Machine 3in1Production:4000-5000 bottles per hour
18-18-6 Water Bottling Machine 3in1Production:6000-7000 bottles per hour
24-24-8 Water Bottling Machine 3in1Production:8000-9000 bottles per hour

32-32-10 Water Bottling Machine 3in1
Production:10000-12000 bottles per hour

These machines offer a range of production capabilities, allowing businesses to choose the model that aligns with their specific volume and speed requirements. Each machine maintains the 3-in-1 functionality of rinsing, filling, and capping, ensuring a streamlined and efficient bottling process.

3in1 bottle water filling machine layout

The continuous movement of washing, filling, and capping ensures a smooth and uninterrupted bottling process. With over 20 years in the market, the machine utilizes precision spare parts and a robust design for stability, longevity, and high-quality performance. Each part’s precision and design contribute to reduced wear during operation, extending the machine’s lifetime. The use of compatible, reliable spare parts enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the bottling machine.

3-In-1 Monoblock Bottle Water Filling Machine operates seamlessly through a series of synchronized steps:

  1. Bottle Rinser:
    • The bottle-clamp on the rotary wheel grips the plastic bottle’s mouth.
    • The bottle undergoes a 180-degree turn along a guide track, positioning the bottle mouth downward.
    • In the designated washing part, high-pressure water jets from special nozzles, cleaning the bottle’s interior.
    • After rinsing and draining, the bottle makes another 180-degree turn to resume an upright position.
  2. Bottle Filler:
    • The rinsed bottles, held by neck supporting carrier plates, engage with filling valves.
    • Filling valves open based on bottle presence signals, allowing the product to fill the bottle.
    • Once filling is complete, valves close to stop venting, and the bottle carrier mechanism lowers to disengage filled bottles.
  3. Bottle Capper:
    • Bottles are transferred to the capper by a neck-handling star wheel.
    • Anti-rotation blades on capping heads prevent bottle rotation during the capping process.
    • The twist-on capping head revolves and rotates to pick, place, twist, and disengage the cap under cam control.
  4. Discharge:
    • A discharge star wheel releases finished bottles onto a conveyor belt for removal from the filling monoblock.

Rotary Water Bottling Machine, Fast And Stable

rotary bottle washing

The rotary rinser ensures efficient cleaning as each washing head moves in sync with the bottle, completing a full 360-degree rotation before moving on to the next bottle. This continuous motion enables uninterrupted bottle washing without any pauses.

rotary bottle filling

Similarly, the rotary filler operates with the same principle, where each filling head moves in coordination with the bottle, completing a 360-degree rotation and seamlessly transitioning to the next bottle filling. This ensures a continuous and efficient filling process.

rotary bottle capping

The rotary capper follows suit, with each capping head moving alongside the bottle. After completing a full 360-degree rotation, it proceeds to the next bottle for capping. This continuous motion guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted bottle capping process.

The production capacity of the 3-in-1 water bottling machine varies based on the bottle size,These production rates indicate the number of bottles the machine can fill in an hour for each specified bottle size range.

an American famous water bottle design

For 300ml to 600ml bottles: 6000-7000 bottles per hour.

a good 1 ltr water bottle design

For 1000ml to 1200ml bottles: 4500 bottles per hour.

a nice 2000ml water bottle design

For 1500ml to 2000ml bottles: 3000 bottles per hour.

How user-friendly is the water bottling machine interface for operation and control?

The machine interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and control. The control system is equipped with intuitive features, making it accessible for operators to navigate and manage the machine effectively. The user interface typically includes a touchscreen panel or control panel that provides clear instructions and options for various functions. This ensures that operators can easily set parameters, monitor the production process, and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, the interface may incorporate visual indicators, status displays, and error alerts to facilitate a smooth and efficient operation of the 3-in-1 water bottling machine.

Can the water bottling machine adapt to different types of caps for various bottle sizes?

Yes, the machine is designed to accommodate screw-type caps, and it supports cap sizes typically ranging from 28mm to 30mm, including variations such as 28mm shorter and 30mm shorter caps. If you have a unique or specific cap design, you can provide a sample when placing your order. Special arrangements can be made to ensure the machine is configured accordingly for your specific screw head requirements.

Can the water bottling machine handle different bottle sizes and shapes?

3-in-1 water bottling machine is adaptable to various bottle sizes and shapes. It can efficiently handle plastic bottles ranging from 200ml to 2000ml. The machine is equipped with three standard shape molds that come included at no extra cost, each designed for different bottle types. If there is a need for additional shape molds for specific bottle variations, they are available for purchase separately.

Is the water bottling machine compatible with international shipping and do you provide shipping services?

Yes, the machine is compatible with international shipping. The FOB price includes all costs up to the seaport in China, covering freight and customs clearance in China. While the FOB price covers these aspects within China, the customer will need to arrange and cover the cost of international shipping independently. We can assist you in coordinating the shipment and providing information on the freight cost. If you decide to use our shipping services, the shipping cost will be an additional expense, and we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth shipping process. Please provide your seaport information when placing an order to facilitate the calculation of shipping costs.

Does the water bottling machine come with installation and training services?

  • Oversea installation: NEPTUNE MACHINERY offer professional engineer oversea 10day to 30days installation, make sure machine good running and back.
  • Training: NEPTUNE MACHINERY offer training sessions for operators to ensure proper usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the equipment.

Is there a warranty or after-sales support?

  1. Warranty Period: NEPTUNE MACHINERY machines come with 1 year warranty.
  2. After-Sales Support: NEPTUNE MACHINERY offer after-sales support, which may include technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on maintenance and repairs.
  3. Spare Parts Availability: NEPTUNE MACHINERY ensures the availability of spare parts, making it easier for customers to replace components if needed. This is crucial for the long-term functionality of the machine.
8 8 3 Bottled Water Filling Machine 3 in 1

2000BPH Water Bottling Machine

Latest rotary type 3-in-1 water bottling machine. It is the cheapest type 3-in-1 monoblock filling machine in the world. It collects washing, filling and capping together monoblock. It is driven by a transmission motor. It is mainly suitable for rotary bottling round plastic bottle or square polyester bottles.

Capacity2000 Bottles per hour depend on 500ml
Bottle Volume200ml to 2000ml
Size1850 X 1450X2000mm