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INKJET-S5 Small-Character Ink Jet Printer
Small character inkjet printer know as the production date printing machine and expiry date printing machine.It is using a single nozzle continuous inkjet technology ( CIJ Technology ), is currently the most advanced technology in the ink mark INKJET-S5 Small-Character ink jet printer as a necessary system in a complete production line, it’s focus on every detail of the printer, can be use in varies of products

Features of Ink Jet Printer:
1. Striking jet printing in the bottle, bottle cap or label surface
2. Requirement jet printing surface is low, the basic can be adapted to any surface including rough or non-planar surface marking.
3. Nozzle and product distance (20mm ) changes in small range. Does not affect the code representation.
4. Change different ink can choose a variety of identifying color, such as red, yellow, green, blue, black, invisible ink.
5. With higher printing speed (single row character line speed of 2 meters per second ), Easy keep up with the water bottling lines producing speed.
6. The head is small and flexible, can be easily from any angle to jet printing.

Ink inkjet printer has the following disadvantages:
1.Resolution is limited, in general, longitudinal self-energy up to 24 lattice, ie, character height up to 24 points.
Therefore, the whole logo height is generally only less than 12mm.
2.Coding logo are semi-permanent logo, under normal circumstances Coding will not affect the surface of the product is not easy to erase, the single use of a particular solventcan be erased.

Notice wearning material introduced
The nozzle of the inkjet printer is very small (diameter 40-70mm), also requested the printing characters are fast drying, attached to the ink, thinner demanding. The wearing production process has a strict process and quality control. Dilution is specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink, the inkjet printer is running constantly replenished out of ink loss of material and repair structural damage to the ink because of circulation.
Alternative solvents generally do not have a good point of the ink Sun substances and simple to add ink base material. This is very harmful to the normal work of the inkjet printer, will generally split the difference, the offset is reduced, imagine printing bad-to-peer, serious and even not boot up properly.
Different manufacturers of inkjet printer ink has a different base materials, dyes, etc.. Therefore, the ink of different manufacturers can not mix, mix different ink is prone to physical chemical reaction to form precipitates. So that damage to the inkjet printer is quite poor.
Special supplement: As we all know, water in most cases have conductive characteristics. Inkjet printer ink and solvent can not be mixed with water, because of the need for accurate charging of dots. Inkjet printer ink and solvent is particularly sensitive to water.