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Bottle Water Filling Machine for 3Liter to 10Liter Bottle

3 liter 5liter 7 liter 10 liter bottled water filling machine 1

Manufacturer directly selling

It can be used to fill all kinds of mineral water, pure water liquid without grains and viscosity, which can satisfy different filling requirement of different users.

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Price list of Bottle Water Filling Machine for 3Liter to 10Liter Bottle

100BPH$4800PLC. S.S Solenoid Valve
200BPH$5200PLC. S.S Solenoid Valve
300BPH$6600PLC. S.S Solenoid Valve
500BPH$6900PLC. S.S Solenoid Valve
800BPH$16800PLC. S.S Solenoid Valve

washing filling capping

Collect rinser filler and capper in one machine

Bottle water filling machine for 3liter to 10 liter. It collect push water washing bottle, filling purified water into bottle and screw capping the bottle all in one machine.

Fully automatic bottled water filling machine for 3-10liter bottled water

  • PLC control
  • All station working at same time do not need waiting
  • bottle-gripping device to make sure 100% filling accuracy rate.
  • Intellectualized protection programme control.