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Automatic Push-up Bottle Unscramber Arrange Machine

Bottle ready and arrange automatic unsrambler machine neptune machinery

A cylindrical bottle unscrambler with adjustable legs, rotating cylinders, and lifting mechanisms sorts and feeds bottles efficiently for production lines.


  1. Torque-limiting mechanism for main motor reducer.
  2. Dual press-and-discharge mechanism for efficiency.
  3. Hanging bottle mouth prevents tipping during transport.
  4. Automatic bottle detector with stop and alarm.
  5. Bottleless detector signals hoist for refill.
  6. Photoelectric switch controls bottle unscrambler.
  7. Grease fitting for easy lubrication.
  8. Maintenance and mold replacement doors.
  9. Quality electrical components like MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS.
  10. Pneumatic system features German FESTO products.

Technical Parameters

  • Number of statation: 16psc
  • Production capacity: 0-10000Bottle per hour ( Adjust through PLC touch screen)
  • Air source pressure: 0.7Mpa
  • Voltage : 3phase and can been setting
  • Air consumption: 1.5M3/min
  • Adopt bottle: Diameter 50-90mm bottle, height 165-290mm bottle

Working Process

push up type plastic bottle unscramber

The push-up bottle unscrambler is a cylindrical machine with adjustable legs for height adjustment. It’s designed to efficiently sort bottles using rotating cylinders and lifting mechanisms.

Its structure consists of inner and outer rotating cylinders, each mounted on double-row large-toothed planar bearings. The inner drum has a groove for falling tanks on the outer side and a lifting mechanism on the inner side, matching the number of falling tanks. The outer drum has splitting tanks corresponding to the falling tanks.

At the center of the machine is a fixed umbrella tower. When activated by the bottle-out signal from the detecting device on the tower, the hoist lowers the bottles onto the umbrella tower. From there, they slide to the edge and enter the lifting mechanism. Using a cam, the lifting mechanism pushes the bottles into two drop tanks equipped in the machine. Each turn, the lift mechanism raises the bottles twice before dropping them into the tanks.

At the outlet, a bottled star wheel guides the bottles towards the air supply path. The bottle star wheel is linked to the motor’s main shaft through a synchronous toothed belt for smooth operation.

This design ensures precise and efficient bottle sorting, with the ability to adjust the machine’s height and level for optimal performance. The use of double-row large-toothed planar bearings enhances stability and durability, while the cam-driven lifting mechanism ensures consistent and reliable bottle placement into the drop tanks.

The incorporation of a detecting device on the umbrella tower enables automated operation, reducing the need for manual intervention. Additionally, the synchronized movement of the bottle star wheel with the motor’s main shaft enhances overall efficiency and throughput.

Overall, the push-up bottle unscrambler offers a robust solution for bottle sorting in various production environments, with its simple yet effective design ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance.