Automatic Push-up Bottle Unscramber Arrange Machine

The push-type bottle unscramber machine is high efficiency and very little damage bottle. It is newest type, quality better than old unscramber, Price cheap. It is widely use for water-bottle, pet plastic bottle, beverage bottle and oil bottle.

Technical Parameters

Working Process

Push up bottle unscramber is cylindrical shape, and the bottom of the outer tube is provided with adjustable legs for adjusting the height and level of the machine. The inner and outer rotating cylinders are respectively arranged in the cylinder, and are respectively mounted on a set of double-row large-toothed planar bearings. The inner rotating drum is provided with a falling tank groove on the outer side, and the inner side is provided with a lifting mechanism equal to the number of the falling tank. The outer rotating drum is provided with a splitting tank corresponding to the falling tank. The center of the machine is equipped with a fixed umbrella tower. When the hoist is activated according to the bottle-out signal from the bottle detecting device provided on the umbrella tower, the bottle falls from the top of the machine to the umbrella tower and slides to the edge of the umbrella tower to enter the lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism pushes the bottle into the drop tank under the action of the cam. The machine is equipped with two drop tanks. Each turn, each lift mechanism lifts the bottle twice and feeds it into the drop tank. A bottled star wheel is arranged at the outlet of the bottle, and the bottle is sent to the air supply path, and the bottle star wheel is connected to the motor main shaft through the synchronous toothed belt.