Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Full automatic pet blow molding machine is suitable for blowing PET plastic container and bottles in all shapes.The pet stretch blow moulding machine is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle,mineral water bottle,pesticide bottles,oil bottle,cosmotics bottle,wide-mouth bottles

BM-A1 Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Volume of product:0.1L-5L
Production capacity:500-1200BPH.

BM-A2 Two Cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Volume of product:0.1L-2L
Production capacity:1800-2000BPH.

BM-A4 Four Cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Volume of product:0.1L-2L
Production capacity:3200-4000BPH.

BM-A8 Eight Cavities Automatic Pet Blow Molding Machine
Volume of product:0.1L-2L
Production capacity:8000-9000BPH.

1).PLC: Mitsubishi/SIEMENS.
2).Pneumatic parts: FESTO.
3). Operating system: LG.
4) Relay: OMRON.
5). Infrared thermometer: AMERICA RAYTEK.
6).Other electric parts are all world-famous brand.
7). Servo motor National (JAPAN).

Free choice bottle drawing

Air-break switch: Mitsubishi Japan
Air-break switch contactor: Zhengtai China
Minitype breaker: Zhengtai China
Relay: OMRON Germany
Thermal overload reply: Zhengtai China
Option switch Schneider: France
Green directive button: Schneider France
Emergency stop switch: Schneider France
Normally open contact: Schneider France
Normally closed contact: Schneider France
Photoelectric switch: OMRON Germany
Travel switch: OMRON Germany
Proximity switch: OMRON Germany
Photoelectric switch: OMRON Germany
Transducer: FULIN China
Touch screen: LG Korea
PLC: LG Korea

Service for the plastic blow molding machine
Provide whole drawing for the perform mould and bottle mould. Free charge for word design on the mould. We can help you install the machine; from setting machine, testing, and to check the machine is on the good working condition. There is a litter charge, only for flight charge and accommodation.
Delivery time of the blow molding machinery
45 working days upon deposit and approval to the bottle drawing.
Payment of the blow moulding machine
For machine:30%T/T deposit within five days after the contract is signed against invoice of the seller. The balance of 70%T/T will be paid before shipment.
Guarantee for the plastic blow molding machines
We response for one year warranty for the machine, however, it without any human conduct. And provide one-year free spare part for client. And send engineer to client’s company, help install the machine, teaching their staff operate the machine and also, we do have a private school which help our client sending their staff to china, help them training.
After sales service for the automatic blow molding machine
The buyer pays travel expenses; hotels, airfares, meals and ground transportation and any other expenses related to installation and training at customers facility.
Functions of the blowing molding machine’s auxiliary equipments:
(1) Air compressor is the air source for PET stretch blow molding machine, carrying out the process of compressing air from atmosphere to the required pressure.
(2) Air dryer is to remove the moisture from the compressed air and lower temperature of the compressed air in the heat exchanger.
(3) Air filter is to clear up the impurities out of the compressed air, like carbon-hydrogen, tiny dust and solid particles.
(4) Air tank is to receive and supply air for the machine as storage.