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water bottling machine for 200ml to 2000ml bottled water scaled

Water Bottling Machine Monoblock 3-in-1

It collect rotary rinser filler and capper in one machine. Make sure clean water filling environment. It is the best sell water bottling machine for small bottle like 500ml and 1.5liter bottle.

Capacity4000 Bottles/H
Size2280 X 1780X2300mm

Bottled Water Filling Machine Economy

Linear Plastic Small Bottle Washing,Filling,Capping machine,automatic accomplish whole process from washing, negative pressure,filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap.

The whole production line adopt stepless speed regulation having advanced structure, it works placidly and reliable and easy to operate and maintain have low failure rate. It is a ideal equipment for small and medium beverage enterprises.

Capacity2000 Bottles/H

water bottling machine linear

3/5Gallon Mineral Bottled Water Machine

PLC 5Gallon automatic reuse bottle filling machine. Three in one machine (bottle washing / filling / capping), it is strictly according to the U.S. drinking water industry Association standards and developed throught reference the actual situation.

Capacity200 Bottles/H
Size2280 X 1780X2300mm

3-10Liter Water Bottling Machine

Bottle water filling machine for 3liter to 10 liter. It collect push water washing bottle, filling purified water into bottle and screw capping the bottle all in one machine.

Capacity4000 Bottles/H
Size2280 X 1780X2300mm
water bottling machine of 3liter to 10liter bottle water
8 8 3 Bottled Water Filling Machine 3 in 1

2000BPH Water Bottling Machine

Latest rotary type 3-in-1 water bottling machine. It is the cheapest type 3-in-1 monoblock filling machine in the world. It collects washing, filling and capping together monoblock. It is driven by a transmission motor. It is mainly suitable for rotary bottling round plastic bottle or square polyester bottles.

Capacity2000 Bottles per hour depend on 500ml
Size1850 X 1450X2000mm

Sachet Water Filling Machine

AS 1000 is widely used for various kinds of liquid packaging, Such as, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, ice drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It uses single lay film PE as packaging materials.

Capacity2000 Bags/H
Size750 X 700X1700mm
sachet water filling machine