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5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine

5 Gallon bottled water filling machine

Washing filling capping 3-in-1

The 5 gallon water bottling machine collect bottle washing, filling and capping together. It can used to filler and bottling 3 Gallon to 6 Gallon bottled water.

  • High automatization
  • Easy operation
  • Reliable performance
  • Small size, small weight
  • Anti-corrodibility

This PLC-controlled 5-gallon automatic bottle filling machine combines bottle washing, filling, and capping in one unit, meeting U.S. drinking water industry standards.

It features top-quality local electrical components and metal materials for advanced technology, high automation, easy operation, and reliability. Compact and lightweight, it boasts corrosion resistance, excellent disinfection, and pollution prevention for high-quality products.

Ideal for 5 and 3-gallon bottle production across food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, it’s highly favored by users. PLC control ensures precise positioning and minimal labor, while the equipment’s stainless steel construction and precision welding offer durability and aesthetic appeal.

Key components like drive motors and booster pumps utilize premium stainless steel products, and electrical parts are sourced from reputable brands for stability and reliability.

Structure of the Water Bottling Machine

A. Rack: The main frame is made of stainless steel tubing, providing strength and a sleek appearance. Sub-machines are welded to the main frame to create separate work areas and provide support.

B. Rinse Parts:

  1. Transmission Flush: Utilizes a support frame, drive motor, and drive bearing to move bottles into the washing station for cleaning.
  2. Water Tanks: Includes two stainless steel tanks for collecting disinfectant and purified water used in the washing process. Water levels are monitored to ensure proper solution levels.
  3. Rinse Water: Utilizes food-grade water tubes to separate disinfectant and sterile water for washing and filling. Solenoid valves control the flow of water, shutting off after cleaning or filling is complete.

C. Filling and Sealing:

  1. Bottle Push and Filling System: Utilizes a cylinder and stainless steel rack to push bottles into position for filling. The filling system includes stainless steel filling heads and solenoid valves for precise filling.
  2. Cap Management and Sealing: Caps are guided into position and set on bottle mouths using a slide track system. A gland system seals the bottles, with adjustments for different bottle sizes.
  3. Bottle Conveyor System: Moves bottles through the filling and sealing process, guiding them to the next stage and ultimately out of the machine.

D. Electrical System: Consists of a programmable logic controller (PLC), AC contactors, air switches, and other components to control machine operations.

E. Pneumatic System: Includes cylinders, pneumatic solenoid valves, and control boxes to manage pneumatic functions.

This comprehensive structure ensures efficient and reliable operation of the water bottling and packaging machine, meeting industry standards for cleanliness and quality control.