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5-25L Bottle Blowing Machine

5gallon pet bottle blowing making production machine 副本

FOB PRICE $13440

5-25L Bottle Blowing Machine is especially used to produce 3 gallon and 5 gallon bottles and is widely used to produce any shape of plastic from PET with neck finishes from 15mm-200mm.

Main parameter :

  • Container Product Material: PET
  • Volume: 10L-25L (3-5 Gallon)
  • Actual Output: 60-90 PCS/H
  • Preform Length: 15mm-460mm
  • Preform Inner Diameter: φ5mm-200mm
  • Moulding:
    • Max. Mould Plate Dimension (L x W): 420x500mm
    • Max. Mould Thickness: 400mm
  • Clamping Force: 330KN
  • Mould Opening Stroke: 380mm
  • Machine Size and Weight:
    • Main Machine (L x W x H): 218x77x196cm
    • Main Machine Weight: 1000Kg
    • Heater (L x W x H): 237x68x165cm
    • Heater Weight: 380Kg
  • Power: 40kw

Trait of :

● Perfect function with economic investment.
● Small size and compact construction with no space waste.
● Easy to operate and maintain ,operation by one person .
● Saving power and uneasy to worn out ,Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. Providing high pressure blowing system.
● We can provide performs and various bottle& cap molds for 5 gallon and 3gallon bottles to meet customer’s requirements.