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5 Gallon Bottle Internal and External Brush Washing Machine

Automatic Inside and Outside Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic Bottle Interior & Exterior Brush Washing Machine is specifically designed to pre-wash reusable 5-gallon bottles. It utilizes detergent washing and clean water washing to remove dust and oil from both the inside and outside of the bottle.

This process enhances the efficiency of the washing, filling, and capping system of the main machine. Equipped with a high-grade Nylon brushing system, it thoroughly cleans the bottle bottom, body, and shoulder. The machine is controlled by a PLC control system for precise operation.

Advantages of the 5 Gallon Bottle Brush Machine:

  1. Advanced Technology: Utilizes the latest practical advancements in assembly line technology for efficient and effective bottle washing.
  2. Customizable Design: Manufactured according to clients’ specific requirements, ensuring compatibility with various 5-gallon recycled bottle sizes and shapes.
  3. Industry Acceptance: Well-received by the water equipment industry both domestically and internationally, indicating its reliability and effectiveness.
  4. Automated Operation: Streamlined operation procedures including bottle entering, checking, inside washing, and bottle out, all controlled and completed automatically by a PLC system.
  5. Minimal Manpower Requirement: Requires little manpower to operate due to its automated processes, reducing labor costs and workload.
  6. Low Working Intensity: Automation reduces the physical strain on workers, promoting a safer and more comfortable working environment.
  7. High Stability: Utilizes high-quality electrical components, including imported series editions, to ensure stable performance and reliability.
  8. Enhanced Performance: The use of precision-oriented technology and quality materials results in improved overall performance and efficiency.

Mechanism of the Auto Inside & Outside Bottle Washer:

Mechanism of the Auto Inside & Outside Bottle Washer:

  1. Framework:
    • Main support: Made of stainless steel foursquare pipe for durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Subsidiary support: Assists in separating the work area and provides additional support.
  2. Electrical System:
    • Components include PLC controller, AC contactor, fuse, and air switch for efficient control.
  3. Pneumatic Systems:
    • Consists of cylinder, pneumatic electromagnetic valve, and pneumatic control electric control box for pneumatic functions.
  4. Scrubbing System:
    • Brush System:
      • Mounted on a framework with a brush pump and brush air-lifted valve for inside bottle washing.
      • Brush pump drives the brush to clean the inside of the bottle.
    • Water Tank:
      • Constructed of stainless steel with a circumfluence pipe and adjustable hydraulic pressure controller.
      • Users can adjust hydraulic pressure as needed, with additional features like a heat-generated tube, temperature controller, and floater switch.
      • Heat-generated tube stops heating when water reaches the prescribed temperature or when water level is low.
    • Rinsing Route:
      • Utilizes plastic piping commonly used in pneumatic systems for rinsing operations.