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5Gallon Bottle Automatic Loading Machine

5Gallon Botte Loader Machine

Automatic Bottle Loader features bottle holders on the XG-washing part for bottle carriers. It loads bottles automatically using carrier pockets driven by pneumatic cylinders. The bottles are securely fixed in carrier rings on their necks while being turned upside down.

Auto Bottle Feeding Machine is crafted to meet the standards set by the American Drinking Water Industry Association, incorporating the latest technology trends from overseas.

Using top-quality electrical components and metal materials from renowned factories worldwide, it ensures advanced technology, high automation, ease of use, and reliable performance.

Its compact size, lightweight design, and corrosion resistance add to its appeal. The machine operates seamlessly, from bottle entry to positioning, inverting, and insertion, all controlled by a PLC system. This ensures automatic operation, precise positioning, and minimal manpower with low intensity. Constructed from high-strength stainless steel and precision-welded stainless steel plates, it offers durability and stability.

The conveyor components are also stainless steel to ensure smooth operation under various conditions. Non-metallic parts are carefully crafted from durable materials to enhance longevity. Electrical components are meticulously selected for stability, sourced from reputable brands both domestically and internationally.