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5Gallon-Caps Removal Machine

Auto Cap pulled Machine

Automatic Cap Removal Machine is designed specifically for safely removing caps from recycled 5-gallon bottles.

It utilizes a gentle pneumatic clamping head to ensure caps are removed without damaging the bottle. Controlled by an automatic PLC system and pneumatic mechanism, it features an infrared sensor for precise cap removal. Constructed with a durable 304 stainless steel frame and body, this machine meets national drinking water standards and incorporates the latest overseas technology.

It’s essential for efficiently handling empty bottle processing with its simple setup, effective cap removal, minimal damage to caps, and high efficiency.

Working Process of the Auto 3/5Gallon Cap Pulled Machine

Microcomputer Cap Removal System follows a simple process: bottles enter, undergo cap inspection, get the caps removed, have the caps collected, and finally, the bottles exit. Controlled by a PLC system, it requires minimal manpower and effort. Built with high-quality stainless steel materials, it ensures durability and stability. The machine’s components are designed to withstand various conditions, with non-metallic parts made from durable materials like PP plastic. To enhance stability, the system uses high-quality motors and electrical components, ensuring reliable performance.

Mechanism of the machine

1. Framework
Main supporter of the machine consists of stainless steel foursquare pipe with beautiful appearance and firm structure. Subsidiary supporter which is joined to the main supporter functions for separating the workaround and supporting.
2. Electric system
The electric part consists of PLC controller, AC contactor, Time Relay and Air Switch.
3. Pneumatic system
The pneumatic part consists of Cylinder, Pneumatic electromagnetic valve and pneumatic control electric control box.