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Linear Water Bottling Machine

Semiautomatic Water Bottling Machine

Equipment list

QS-12 Auto Bottle Washer 
CY-12 Normal Pressure Filler
FXZ-1 Screw Capper
6 Meters Conveyor belt
1Set motor.
Loader Bottle Table
Finished Product Tabel

12-12-1 Linear Plastic Small Bottle Washing,Filling,Capping machine

Linear Plastic Small Bottle Washing,Filling,Capping machine,automatic accomplish whole process from washing, negative pressure,filling, settle cap, buckle cap till screw cap. The whole production line adopt stepless speed regulation having advanced structure, it works placidly and reliable and easy to operate and maintain have low failure rate. It is a ideal equipment for small and medium beverage enterprises.


Production capacity: 2000Bottles/hour,
Filling bottle specification: 250ml-1500ml.(Up1500ml bottle machine need customize,not need premium)
Bottle height: 150~235mm

Layout of the water bottling machine

layout of inline 12 12 1 washing filling capping machine

Whole inline bottle washing filling capping machine long is 6.74meter (machine and conveyor long)+1.2meter( tabel long). If long limit or need connect with the next bottle packing machine, it can remove the table easy.

QS-12 Auto Bottle Washer


QS-12 Auto Bottle Washing Unit is one of the most versatile medium speed rinsers available is designed to effectively internally rinse up to 3,000 small bottles per hour/50 bottles per minute.It’s ideal for rinsing bottles ranging in size from 12
oz (335ml) up to 2liters.The change over from one size bottle to another couldn’t be easier.It takes literally minutes and no tools are required nor are there any special molds or adapters required for the change overs.The stainless steel construction ensures years of a long and durable life for the system.and since there are a minimum of moving parts,maintenance to keep the system operating and maximum effciency is a snap
Dimension(L×W×H) 1200×1200×1800 mm
Weight 960kg
Motor Power 0.55KW
Production Capacity 2000B/h (for 0.5L bottle)
Suitable bottle size Diamater: Φ50~Φ100mm
Height: 120~320mm

CY-12 Normal Pressure Bottle Filler

fillig macine

CY-12 Normal Pressure Filler& 24 Foot automatic conveyor System:The JFY-12 is designed to automaticlly fill up to 3,000 bottles per hour and provides maximum versatility to keep pace with the demands of your operation.The JFY-12 is designed and built to operate multiple shifts with a minimum of the maintenance and does not requir highly skilled operators.The stae-of-the-art design and components offer maximum performance,reliability and versatility to fill from 335ml up to 2liter bottle.
Dimension(L×W×H) 1200×1000×1950 mm
Net Weigh 750kg
Total Power 0.92KW
Production Capacity 2000B/h (for 0.5L bottle)
Suitable bottle size Diameter:40~100mm Bottle height: 50~235mm
Filling Accuracy Liquid level ±3mm

FXZ-1 Bottle Screw Capper

bottle screw capping machine

FXZ-1 Screw Capper is also one of the most unique capping systems available.To begin with,the filled bottles first enter the build-in Bottles Spacing Mechanism.The bottles spacer allows for precise and constant bottle spacing while entering the Cap Applier.This correct spaceing ensures that your caps are applied evenly and consistently with the most accurate alignment possible.In preparation for cap appliation,caps are first moved,from the shipping carton,into the Cap Hopper.
Dimension(L×W×H) 920×740×1950 mm
Weight: 350kg
Motor Power: 0.55KW
Cap Orderer Power: 0.12KW
Production Capacity(in theory) 2400B/h (for 0.5L bottle)
Suitable bottle Diameter: Φ50~Φ100mm
Height: 150~330mm
Mouth Screw Diameter: Φ27.5
Theft Proof Cap Size: Φ28×15(inner size)