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Why Choice Us

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Neptune Machinery provide over 70 types of products, including water treatment equipment, water bottling equipment, water filling machine, shrink wrap packaging machines, and more. Our company technicians and engineers are proficient in design, electrical apparatuses, automated machinery, microcomputers, etc., and we have a team of 52 experienced technicians for installation and maintenance, which helps ensure… Read More »Why Choice Us

After-sales Service

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We provide one year limited warranty*1 and life-long support service for all of our products(except filters and filtering spares).We offer a minimum of 0.5% spare parts or enough for one year supply each order. During the warranty period, if any product purchased from our company malfunctions, we will provide necessary technical support, or even send… Read More »After-sales Service

Free Drawing Bottle,Factory Layout

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Provide whole drawing for the perform mould and bottle mould. Free charge for word design on the Mould,Label.We offer factory planning in the condition that the customer give us building design drawing or tell us how the bottling line is going to be, linear type, L shape, or rectangular in advance.