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5Gallon Bottle Mouth Seal Shink Machine

Automatic Sealing,Shrinking,labeling Machine

5Gallon Bottle Mouth Seal Shink Machine

The equipment is adopted Heat-generating Tube to shrink the membrane sticking to the cap.
It is manufactured according to the clients’ requirement which is used for bottles of 3 gallon or 5 gallon before filling. After coming into the market, it is well accepted by water factories from home and abroad.

Mechanism of the machine
1. Machine’s framework
Main supporter of the machine consists of stainless steel foursquare pipe with beautiful appearance and firm structure. Subsidiary supporter which is joint to the main supporter functions for separating the workaround and supporting.
2. Electrical system
The electric part consists of AC contactor, Fuse and Air switch, etc.

label sealer

Working principle and systemic instruction of the device
Open the Air Electric Protection Switch in the electric box of Auto Bottle Washer and Filler, and then the Heat-generating Tube starts producing heat. Turn on the “Emergency” swift on the panel, so the machine begins to run.
The operator puts the membranes on the caps when bottles come out from the Auto Bottle Washer and Filler. Then the conveyor carries the bottles to the Auto Sealing Machine where the membranes will be shrunk by the steam of Shrink Groove. At last, the bottles slip out automatically.